Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What is floating touch screen technology.

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Floating touch screen technology - touch screen mobile phone models of a new technology. 
Floating touch screen technology works not only through the finger touching the screen, but also to be sensitive to the non-conductive cloth fabric, that is, after wearing the gloves in the winter, you can still freely manipulate the phone .

Floating Touch screen technology allow users to use the phone and do not have to touch the screen to complete the action . just place your finger to the screen to ensure a distance of about 15mm on the phone you can get a similar mouse operation, simply place your finger hovers over top of the screen and it can be manipulated.

Technology Applications

Sony's new Sony Xperia Sola phone's biggest feature of the machine for the first time in the smart phone using the Floating Touch floating touch screen technology, its advantage is that users browse the web, without directly touching the phone screen but simply floating finger  in the air  such as the mouse will be able to achieve the same effect of the selected item.  In addition, in the future with software upgrades and the cooperation of developers, Floating Touch technology will support more new user features and applications.

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