Saturday, November 16, 2013

How To Make WhatsApp Free For Lifetime?

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watsapp free for lifetimeAs every one knows Whatsapp is Fastest Growing Messenger for Mobile Phones. Whatsapp is highly downloadable mobile application. Every person who use internet on mobile always use Whatsapp, instead of doing sms from number to everyone because sms needs to activate costly packs which offers limited messages but Whatsapp allow to send unlimited messages with better interface and inbuilt number of amazing features like sharing images, videos, audios or other files as you want .But the Major Problem with Whatsapp is that, its free subscription is just for one year. Means due to program policies of Whatsapp you can use it free for 1 year for every new installation. Then after completing 1st year you have to pay $0.99 to activate Whatsapp for next year. So here i will try to introduce amazing trick about making Whatsapp free after completing 1 year.

Steps To Make Whatsapp Free For Lifetime.

  • If you have any android or other mobile where you already install Whatsapp then i suggest you to delete you account and Whatsapp  from your device. 
  • Now you need iOS device. i recommend you to use iPhone for this. If you already have one, then follow these steps. Otherwise Borrow it from you friend or any other person.
  • Make sure that they don't have already installed Whatsapp and now download it from iTunes search like Whatsapp for free because iTunes Offers sometime free apps.
  • Now Install Whatsapp in iOS. After the installation, Activate your mobile number and verify it.
  • After the verification, now use your Activated number on your own device and Check your Service time it is extended to Lifetime. 
I hope this trick is working for everyone.Sometimes If you are lucky then you got lifetime service. But sometimes Whatsapp service period only extend for 1 year or may be for 10 years. But we does not guarantee about it .sometime it may not work depend upon you luck and wright time. Have Fun!!!!
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