Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to backup text messages on android?

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SMS are not only texts but also storage of many human emotions and secrets. There are a lot of chance to get your SMS collection damaged. This could be possible if anything happen to your device or someone rob your device. There are also huge collection of possibilities for damaging the SMS threads.

Backup those messages online is one of the better solution I had found. You can backup all the SMS in your inbox to your Gmail account and if anything happen to your messages, you can restore it at anytime. For this only tool need is a SMS backuping app and an active android device with Gmail. 

In this article, I am showing how to o backup text messages and logs using SMS backup+ and restore it later. Using its advanced settings, you can set time for scheduled backups.

Steps to backup text messages on android

There are a lot of apps available at android market for backing up and restoration. Here I had chosen one of the familiar and popular one. App selection is your choice. 

Download SMS backup+ from Google Play and install it.

Now enable Data Connection or Wifi connection on your Device. This is to backup the current SMS and logs on your device.

Now click Backup.

After you completed backing up, you can restore it anytime you need. Make yourself a try by backing up all messages and logs, then deleting them and then use restore process. Then you can see that the deleted contends get restored same as they exist earlier.

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