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How to Play Games On Android With Wired Controller

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If we talk about android games we can play with touchscreen and we can also connect a game controller on our android and play the games. If you’re a gamer you may know that not all games are easy to play with virtual controller on android and if you want wired controller then it must be a wireless game controller because I don’t think any android phone comes with USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. There are many wireless controller available in the market for android phone or you can use Xbox 360 / PS2 / PS3 wireless controller on android which also works with few android games, if you have played old games like Mario, contra etc. you can’t even imagine to play these game with virtual gamepad because you constantly need to press action button and use jump button when needed it’s easy with physical buttons because your finger feels it. That is why physical gamepad are handy for android gaming especially if you play games with emulator. Connecting wireless controller is very simple you just have to pair your phone and controller together that’s it but in wired controller you need OTG cable. If you don’t have any controller and you want to buy a controller for android phone then always go for android gaming controller because then you don’t need to use any tricks but if you own a console controller and don’t want to spend money on another android gamepad then you can use the procedure we are going to do with android and ps3 wired controller.

Play Android Games With Wired Controller Requirements:-

1. OTG cable
2. Gaming controller

The procedure is quite simple you just have to connect all these stuff correctly with your android phone just follow the given steps below for better understanding.

Just connect your phone with OTG cable 
Now connect your USB controller with OTG cable
If you see light on controller your using then it should work with controller supported android games.You can try games like Dead Trigger 2, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or GT Racing 2 these games support physical controller. In case it doesn’t support then you can try another games like emulated games which works only with controller. you can comment below if it is not working you can appreciate our work with comment if it's working.
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